Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Week 3 Wrap Up

There really is not that much to report for Week 3 that differed from Week 2. I finally managed to catch up a bit, making me only about a day or so behind my target word count. That, in and of itself, is great. It makes this final stretch that much easier.

Looking forward to Week 4, I am really going to hammer down that word count. My goal is to be finished by Sunday, which gives me some wiggle room if one day I fall short. It also makes me feel better if I finish before the very last day of the month. That means I need to be pumping out around 1,500 words per day, which is quite a doable goal.


  1. You are doing amazing, and much better than I. I'm not fairing very well this round. It's been a rough few months. But so glad to see you are working it out. :) Keep going!

    1. Thanks. This is the first time I have written any substantial amount of words. The first part of the story is only 25,000ish and that took me years to write. It feels quite nice. Still not sure if I am going to finish on time though.