Monday, September 30, 2013

Indie Reviewer Lists

While I was perusing through Poets and Writers online Daily News section, I came across a wonderful little How to Find Reviewers for Self-Published Books by Jason Boog. It briefly mentioned indie authors often struggle to find reviewers for their work. This makes it tough for piece to become known or garner interest. Two sites were mentioned that complied lists of reviewers willing to read indie authors in various genres, The Indie View and Book Blogger List.

Being the curious reviewer I am, I decided to check these sites out. Boy was I impressed. They were extremely helpful for those authors struggling to find reviews. Not only did both sites compile lists of willing reviewers, but they link to the reviewers guidelines, their genres as well keep the list up to date. These sites are doing a great service in helping self-published and indie authors expand their audience.

I found these resources to be invaluable, not only to Indie Authors, but to reviewers as well. On The Indie View, you can do an interview, link your Indie Reviews and find some freebies. Just from being listed I had increased page views. Both sites are a great help in expanding your brand and increasing traffic. For the authors, they also do interviews as well as have an author listing that people can go looking through.

If you are an Indie Author, definitely look into these sites. They are a great help. If you are a reviewer looking to expand your site, find new reads, or already review Indie Authors, check them out. You will like what you find. The process to join the list is quite simple, so give it a go.

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