Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Keys to the Kingdom: Lord Sunday-Garth Nix

Title: Keys to the Kingdom: Lord Sunday
Author: Garth Nix
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Format & Pages: Paperback, 317
Publication: Scholastic, 2010
Source: Own
Rating:Heart Rater Original photo HeartRater_zps372caef9.pngHeart Rater Original photo HeartRater_zps372caef9.pngHeart Rater Original photo HeartRater_zps372caef9.pngHalf Heart Rater photo HalfHeartRater_zps31c1c2cf.png
“The House is falling apart, and when it is destroyed, all existence will be destroyed with it. Arthur Penhaligon and his friends Leaf and Suzy are caught in the chaos, separated by events but drawn together in their fight to survive. They must use every power at their disposal-magical or practical-to defeat the enemies attacking them from all sides.

For Arthur; the most formidable challenge comes from Lord Sunday, the most elusive of the Trustees of the Will. Lord Sunday’s magic is unlike anything Arthur has encountered before-and his secrets have the potential to destroy not only Arthur but also all the people he holds dear.”

Disclaimer: We have finally come to the final book in the Keys to the Kingdom series by Garth Nix. As usual, I will try to keep spoilers down to a minimum, but that is not always possible. Check out this page here for the rest of the reviews in the series.

We left off with Arthur being separated from Suzy and a nuke heading towards his hometown. Unfortunately, Arthur is plummeting to the ground, Suzy has been captured by the Artful Loungers and the state of his home is a mystery. All is not lost however, as Leaf survives, Arthur uses the mirror to transport himself out of harm’s way and Suzy works on a trick to escape imprisonment. The final installment in the series is quite packed with action from the very moment you open its pages.

While the pace of the story was quite nice, I felt the ending was a bit rushed. Though this seems to be expected with massive amounts of Nothing bearing down the Upper House and Incomparable Gardens. There are quite a bit of twists that come about, though there were faint inklings of their presence throughout the previous novels.

As the ending of the series, I was slightly disappointed. As a reader this did not end the way I wanted it to at all. It was very enlightening, but not at all satisfying. On the other hand, there was no different way for the series to end without seriously scrubbing what happened in the previous books. So while I am not happy with it, the ending was what the story needed. There is a ray of hope, though, so definitely read it.

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