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Faerie Tales: Revelations Trilogy: Book 1 (Volume 1)-Fiona Skye

Title: Faerie Tales: Revelations Trilogy: Book 1
Author: Fiona Skye
Genre: Fantasy
Format & Pages: ebook, 215
Publication: Casa Cielo Press, 2013
Source: Author
Rating:Heart Rater Original photo HeartRater_zps372caef9.pngHeart Rater Original photo HeartRater_zps372caef9.pngHeart Rater Original photo HeartRater_zps372caef9.png
“Riley O'Rourke is a werejaguar responsible for exposing the world of the Preternatural to the rest of Humanity. But not all the things that go bump in the night are happy with the new world order.

The Queen of the Winter Court, a cruel and vicious faerie, is determined to punish Riley for her role in the Night of Revelations and sends some of the nastiest storybook characters imaginable after her.

Salvation comes from the Summer Queen, who asks Riley to steal a magical artifact from the Winter Queen, a mirror that will determine the winner in the eternal war between the Fae Courts. Riley's reward for returning the mirror is the protection of the Summer Court.

Joining Riley on this quest are her mentor, a 3,000-year-old vampire, and Riley's lover, a federal law enforcement agent with a secret of his own.

Their successful completion of this quest has unexpected consequences that could doom the entire world.”

The story opens with a recap of what happened during and after the Night of Revelations. The narrator, an unknown person at this moment, recounts their role in the whole affair. The first two chapters are a bit of an info dump. Though the information is necessary, it could have been told in a better way, such as through a T.V. interview.

The story starts to move along after that. We find out that the main character and our point of view is Riley O’Rouke, a werejaguar. I found the plot in and of itself to be very interesting. Four years after the Night of Revelations, the Queen of the Winter court threatens Riley. Riley is now tangled in the very tricky affairs of the Fae folk. Turning to various sources, she creates new friendships and attempts to defend herself. After an attack, Riley decides to do a quest for the Summer Queen in exchange for protection.

I did find that there was a bit too much focus on Riley’s love interest, David. David does play a significant role in the main plot, but I found that their love affair was the direct focus far too many times and detracted greatly from the overall whole of the novel. In saying this, I will also say that I am not a romance person by nature, so I could find its overabundance due to that. What David really is, though, was very original and quite a surprise.

I did find the descriptions and actions of the characters a bit repetitive. While there were some great choices in vocabulary, they were far flung from one another. Instead, the same words are used multiple times within paragraphs of each other creating tedium in the writing.

Overall, I liked the story. Skye sticks with traditional themes when it comes to Fae, but gives them new life in this world she has created. If it was spruced up a bit and the language more varied, I think I would have greatly enjoyed it.

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