Saturday, November 2, 2013

Steampunk Originals: Open Call

Steampunk Originals

Steampunk Originals is an open-call comic anthology series focusing on steampunk brought to you by Arcana Studios. You heard right, open-call! So if you are an artist, I have got the details you want.

Submission Guidelines

  • Call for 1-12 page, full color, steampunk-themed comics. Open to art of all styles/ media and stories of all tones/ genre. Subject matter is completely open-ended. Implied cursing/ nudity only.
  • Arcana is launching a line of steampunk titles (also called Steampunk Originals) and will be scouting the volumes for talent and properties they feel can carry their own books. (If they are interested in licensing a property or commissioning additional work, terms will be negotiated directly with the specific creators [without pressure or obligation].)
  • Writer, Pencilers, Inkers, Colorists, and Letterers may join the group independently. Work is not assigned. Everyone is asked what role(s) he/ she might like to play and tagged in apt calls. Interested creators are introduced to one another. Once they chat, if they determine it's a good fit and they're on the same page, we lock it in. This process is repeated to fill other roles as needed.
  • Solo Creators, Creators with their own teams and comics for reprint are welcome. Anyone working alone, with his/ her own team, or submitting a comic for reprint may be as autonomous as he/ she chooses as long as the comic fits the guidelines and is turned in by the deadline. The group is a resource not a requirement.
  • All Comics and properties remain creator-owned. The anthology is fully non-exclusive.
The deadline for submission for the 5th volume is January 6th.

All submission are evaluated using an objective rubric. This removes personal bias from the selection process and grants specific reasons why one submission is in and another is out. All submissions are critiqued in group. If a creator's comic doesn't make the cut, he/ she is welcome to revise and resubmit to a future volume.

If you would like more information concerning Steampunk Originals and the 5th volume, you can check out their Facebook page. There you can find the full details for the project as well as others you may want to collaborate with. Happy Steampunking!

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