Monday, April 8, 2013

Abduction Revelation: The Comeback Kid Returns-Thomas L. Hay

Title: Abduction Revelation: The Comeback Kid Returns
Author: Thomas L. Hay
Genre: Science Fiction
Pages: 150
Publication: Balboa Press, 2012
Source: Author
WHO ARE THE ABDUCTORS? WHERE DO THEY COME FROM? WHERE ARE THEY HIDING? DO THEY EVEN EXIST? I lay on a surface that was translucent and unsupported. Bright multicolored lights blurred my vision. Where I am and how I got there was a mystery to me. A large circular device was positioned above my torso. Sharp pointed utensils protruded from the middle of a sphere. I felt naked under the snowy white sheet that covered my entire body. Strange and eerie sounds reverberated within my mind. In my blurred vision, I could see movement, as ghostly figures danced about with spastic, yet graceful movements. Something or someone lifted the sheet and started probing and prodding various parts of my anatomy. It played with me as if I were a child's favorite doll. After doing whatever it was they had intended, my abductors implanted a memory block and a tracking device and sent me on my way. Their plan was now initiated. This would be my first, but not last abduction. I would have no memory of it until many years later. I would search the world over for answers, only to discover they were buried within my subconscious. An Abduction Revelation is an intriguing and entertaining adventure based on some true life experiences of the author. It is a journey filled with suspense, romance, heartbreak, and revelations that will mystify and torment your soul.

Let me start off by saying that Abduction Revelation is a mix between memoir and science fiction. That being said, I have never been inclined to read memoir. I figured I would give this one a go, though, since it was blended with science fiction. Gotta try new things, right?

Well, onto the review. I found the first half of the chapter was quite boring. This was the mostly memoir part, and while life is interesting and varied, as I said previously, I am just not a memoir person. The very first chapter did grab me though, so I pushed on hoping for more science fiction material. I also found the prose to be quite repetitive. Not only does Hay repeat some events from his life but the word choice was lacking variety.

About 2/3rds of the way through, the action started to pick up. The main character meets the aliens, confronts his destiny, and wham! There was a very surprising ending. Once the science fiction started to be mixed in more, I began to enjoy the story. By this point, though, I was pretty frustrated, so I may not have enjoyed it as much as I should have. I did find the way Hay wound the alien elements and ending of the story to be quite creative.

Overall, this just was not a book I enjoyed. I do think that someone who likes memoir and wants a creative read would find joy in Abduction Revelation: The Comeback Kid Returns. I was just not that person.


  1. Mmm....I'm not much of a memoir reader either. Sorry you didn't enjoy it, we all have those. :) Thank you!

    1. Yeah,I mean it was really creative how he blended the two elements at the end, it just wasn't enough for me. It was an interesting experience to read something new, though.

    2. Thanks for the review Ashley. I appreciate your honesty. It was my first review rated under four. Some stories are not going to appease everyone. As you saw, identifing the genre was difficult. So I left it up to my readers. Reality or fiction? Do appreciate that you left no spoilers. Perhaps you will enjoy the sequel more. It will be all sci-fi, I think?

    3. Your welcome. I always try to keep the spoilers out, especially with surprise endings or later novels in a series.

      I really do think if you fully develop the sci-fi portion of it, that I would find it more enjoyable.