Monday, July 1, 2013

July Camp NaNoWriMo

Since this is my second round at Camp, I decided I really want to push myself. I did reach my goal of 10,000 words in April, but I still found myself struggling to reach that goal. I think the majority of the problem arose from my choice of genre, science fiction. Not only was it my first attempt at seriously writing a sci-fi piece, but I have not immersed myself in a lot of sci-fi, written or film. I did find that I had the time on my hands to write, but did not push myself since I knew I had a small goal. I even found that some days I kept on writing well past my goal for that day, so I skipped the next day knowing I was ahead.

With those in mind, I decided to aim for a higher goal. As of right now I have set it at 25,000 words. I want to sit down and plan out what I am going to do, set writing time aside and focus on the writing. That was something that I did not do last time. I did not plan. I did try to write first thing in the morning to create a sort of routine, but I was writing in the living room and prone to distraction.

I think that the word count is going to go up in the near future. Not only am I putting together an awesome game plan, but my subject matter is something that I am very familiar with: fantasy. And not just any fantasy novel, but a novel that I have been working on for quite a bit of time. I know the characters and I know the general idea of where I want to go. This also goes back to not planning. I let the story linger. I never pushed myself or my characters to find out what they are made of. Not anymore. I am determined to finish this novel, however many words it takes.

So I hope you will join me for this ride. I hope to give updates throughout and maybe some nuggets of motivation. You can keep track of my progress here. And if any of you just want to chat while I write, I will be on Twitter. So come keep my company. Maybe if you are doing Camp, too, we can have some word sprints?


  1. Ooo! Best of luck to you! I'm joining again for July too. But even though I set the same number goal (10k) I'm not planning on getting the words I got in April (30k). I'm going to do re-writes of the first book and start the second book while I'm in that world...if that's where the mind flows, maybe I'll go back to another project I want to finish too. *sigh* I'll see where the mind goes. :)

    Good luck to you!!

    1. The mind has its own goals it seems, though mine is finally working with this world.

      Glad to hear you are doing Camp again. It is a great program. I think my writing might be a little editing and a little writing, with worldbuilding, etc.