Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Summary 10/14-10/20

Hello everyone! Halloween is coming pretty quick. I cannot wait, as it is my favorite holiday. Have any of you read any chilling novels lately?

I started off the week with of Mist by Susan Krinard. This urban fantasy melds the worlds of ancient Norse mythology and modern day San Francisco beautifully.

After that we take a darker turn as I reviewed Incarceron by Catherine Fisher. This dystopian novel set in a living prison will have you thinking philosophically without you even realizing.

I threw in a lovely outlook on the coming National Novel Writing Month. I hope you take a look and join me as I embark on this adventure for the first time.

Finally we come to the Saturday Spotlight. This time the light shines on Dead (ish) by Naomi Kramer. This short piece was quite humorous. It was a nice break from my normal reading. So if you are looking to break the monotony without committing a lot of time, definitely take a look.

In the week coming, there will be a review on Liesel Schawrz’s breakout novel A Conspiracy of Alchemists. After, we will take a look at Drew Karpyshyn’s Children of Fire. The Saturday Spotlight will remain a mystery to keep with the oncoming Halloween festivities.


  1. We've never been big with Halloween here. But it is a fun holiday. :) Hope you have a great time. And enjoy your reads. :)

    1. We love Halloween. Its our favorite holiday during our favorite season. Having a hard time keeping up with the reading with all the scary movie marathons on right now. Haha.